Our steel frame buildings have prices that are typically considerably less than our competitors' lower quality traditional portal frame buildings due to our prefabricated simple bolt-together design.

Steel frame buildings that are different

These steel frame buildings are completely different to a traditional portal frame. They are based on the Nissen hut and Quonset hut design and instead they rely on an arch-configuration with no separate framing. This is not only stronger and more durable than portal frames and metal sheeting designs, but also costs considerably less. This is partly because it is prefabricated and partly because this steel frame construction can be erected so quickly and easily.

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Costs less to build


There are two main reasons why an arched building costs substantially less than a traditional option. Firstly, it is prefabricated with considerably less parts. Secondly, the simple bolt-together design can be erected quickly by a small team.

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Build within days


An arch steel building can be delivered to site and fully operational within a few weeks of being ordered. The preformed and pre-drilled arch systems only requires a small team with no requirement for a crane – saving further money!

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No beams or posts


Thanks to the arch-design, these buildings offer complete usable space with no obstructions from beams, pillars or posts. This is because the arches act as both the framework and the outer skin, thus not requiring these impediments.

Why choose steel frame buildings

Steel frame buildings have become the building of choice for many businesses because they are extremely cost-effective, fast to construct and very robust. Steel as a material is an excellent choice compared to other materials for many reasons, not least because it is so versatile. Whether you are looking for a metal workshop or an aircraft hangar, steel frame buildings offer the perfect solution.

There are many reasons for choosing a steel frame building. Perhaps the biggest reason is that they cost so much less than other types of building like a portal frame. The reason for this is that, as a steel building kit, they are typically prefabricated which results in less worker-hours on-site. Unlike, say a brick building, there is no requirement for bricklaying or related processes. Instead it is just a case of erecting the building. 

An arch steel building is even quicker to construct

With an arch steel building, it takes it to another level. As well as being prefabricated, each building has a simple bolt-together system that doesn’t even require on-site welding. There isn’t the complication or primary and secondary frames, with sheeting on top. Instead the buildings are simply small pieces that are bolted together to create an arch, then that arch is bolted to the next arch. It is incredibly fast and doesn’t even require a crane. The building can be erected in days, unlike more traditional buildings that can take months.

Built to cope with earthquakes and more

Whilst steel frame buildings are respected for their strength, arch buildings are in a different league. They were originally designed in Canada to deal with the harsh conditions there. The arches act like thousands of beams, making the buildings strong enough so that they can deal with earthquakes, hurricanes and other types of severe weather. The steel is a special alloy that is 7-times as resistant as galvanised steel.

Fire-resistant and vermin-proof

The arch building design is also fire-resistant, as there is no combustible secondary material, such as wood – the building is completely made of strong metal. Another benefit is that the building are also vermin-proof.

Steel has various environmental benefits

A fact that is often surprising is that steel frame buildings have environmental benefits. When constructing buildings with more traditional materials, such as bricks, the materials cannot be reused. Steel, on the other hand, is able to be recycled for future use. It also able to retain heat and reflect it.

Easy to modify in the future

Steel frame buildings are simple to alter later. For example, the building might need to be extended. This is a relatively simple process to complete with steel. In fact, steel arch buildings make this even easier, as it is simply a case of bolting additional rows of arches to the existing building. It is just as easy to remove arches and the building can even be relocated if required.

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